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Commercial Shade Sails

ARCHITEC 400™ is an extremely strong Knitted Shadecloth that has been designed for very large Commercial Tension Membrane Structures and Commercial Shade Sails.

By the very size and nature of large tension structures, ARCHITEC 400™ offers the strongest fabric available in the market, and it has the best weight to strength ratio over competitor fabrics.

ARCHITEC 400™ offers up 96.5 % U.V. protection factors and incorporates the very latest in Ultra Violet stabilisers from Ciba Speciality Products that provide for the extended UV life of the fabric, and allows Polyfab Australia to provide a twelve year (12 yr) UV Warranty (conditions apply).

The best warranty in the industry.

Most of our competitors can only offer UV protection factors  'up to 90%'.

The new UV stabilizers also provide improved colour consistency and colour fastness.

  • ARCHITEC 400™ contains NO FLAT TAPES.

  • ARCHITEC 400™ incorporates our new oval shaped OVALON monofilament yarn that provides excellent strength, high UV protection factors and minimum stretch in both the weft and warp direction of the stitch pattern. Once installed tightly and firmly, it will maintain its tension. The fabric's performance is only as good as the quality of the design, engineering and support structures used to hold the fabric under the tension that it deserves.

  • ARCHITEC 400™ has been pre-stented to reduce shrinkage, and to improve the stability of the fabric. This process improves the workability of the fabric during the fabrication and installation of the commercial shade sail or shade structure.

  • ARCHITEC 400™ is available in 3.80 x 50 l/mt straight rolls.

Product Images (click to enlarge):


Tropicanna Colour Range:





Fashionable Colour Range:

 Midnight Green
Navy Blue

Slate Grey

ARCHITEC 400™ Product Specifications

Breaking force N/50mm 
AS 2001.2.3.1-2001
1050 N 1600 N
Breaking extension
AS 2001.2.3.1-2001
80% 65%
Tear resistance
AS 2001.2.10-1986
300 N 280 N
Bursting force (Steel Ball)
AS 2001.2.19-1988
mean 2300 N
Bursting Pressure
AS 2001.2.4-1990
mean 4200 N

Flammability Test (AS 1530.2.1993)
Flammability Index 26 Range 0-100
Spread Factor 9 Range 0-40
Heat Factor 2 Range 0-upwards

Ultra Violet Protection Factors

  Colour UV A UV B UPF Shade Factor(Visual Light)
Aquamarine 94.1 % 94.5 % 22.4 90.6
Midnight Green 96.0 % 96.4 % 28.2 92
Navy Blue 96.5 % 96.7 % 34.4 95
Porcelain 90.3 % 91.4 % 11.9 66.1
Sandstone 90.0 % 90.9 % 11.6 73.3
Slate Grey 89.0 % 89.7 % 10.1 84
 Black  96.9% 96.8% 47.9 96.3

We provide our commercial shade products throughout Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.

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Shade Sail Care and Maintenance Instructions

Heavy Duty Shadecloth is an Industrial Textile made from High Density Polyethylene, and combines Ultra Violet (UV) stabilisers and colour additives. During the manufacturing process imperfections may occur. These imperfections are cosmetic only, and will not impact or interfere with the performance of the life of the shade fabric or the function for which it has been designed.

The knitted Shade Sail, should be installed by a company or individual that has received accreditation by the Building Commission, or Building Association, or other recognised building authorities in your state. If unsure please check with your State Building Authorities and your local Council.

Your shade sail canopy should be installed firm and tight so as to reduce windflap in the shade fabric. Shade fabric that is loose and sloppy will cause premature failure due to mechanical breakdown. This is not UV breakdown and is not covered by the warranty. The shade sail will require periodic maintenance to ensure that the shadecloth fabric remains tight.

Your shadecloth canopy may become dirty over time. Care should be taken to avoid Chemicals that may contain Bleach, or other agricultural or industrial Chemicals containing Sulphur and or Halogens (chlorine Bromine). These Chemicals may attack the UV stabilisers within the Shadecloth, thus reducing the Life of the product and negating the warranty.

The following list of chemicals that may cause such interactions are only some examples and not exhaustive. Such chemicals may include: pesticides, metals, metal oxides and metal salts, all halogens and chemical compounds containing halogens or sulphur in all their oxidation states. Care should be taken to avoid exposure to petrol, oils etc.

When cleaning the shadecloth, we recommend the use of a mild dish washing liquid with the use of a low pressure water hose and a soft scrubbing brush. We do not recommend the use of high pressure water, to blast the fabric clean.

The fabric warranties do not pertain to such damage caused by storms, hailstorm, earthquake, mechanical damage done by birds or other animals, fire, lightening etc. Again this is not an exhaustive list and it is for reference only.

Please refer to our Product Warranty, for further information. If you remove the shade sail over winter, ensure that it is stored away from rats and mice, preferably stored in a protective bag.

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